Swift began writing her own music at around the age of ten. She went on to perform some of these songs live at local karaoke contests, festivals and fairs, before compiling her own demo tape when she was eleven. Swift travelled to Nashville and began handing out the demo tape to receptionists on Nashville’s Music Row, and despite many rejections, she was later chosen to sing the national anthem at the US Open tennis tournament. With the sudden growth of her potential career, the Swift family moved to Nashville entirely. He promptly signed Swift to the label. Later in the same year, Taylor Swift released her self-titled debut studio album, which was released on 24th October The album received glowing reviews, and shot to the top of the Billboard Country Albums charts, as well as coming in at number five on Billboard’s list.

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Learn about Taylor Swift’s diet tips. Internet rumors continue to swirl that Taylor Swift’s great shape is attributed to raw food diet benefits. Read how the singer makes healthy diet .

Taylor Swift revealed on Tuesday that she is launching her own social media platform called The Swift Life. A second promotional video was posted on YouTube which outlined the ambitious plans from the pop star. Scroll down for video Look what you made her do: A second promotional video was posted on YouTube which outlined the ambitious plans from the pop star She began the advert with a self-taken video as she said: You could also connect with other Swifties through the social network and the popstrel herself could even see, like, and comment on the content.

The year-old singer said:

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Swift compared the crush to unrequited love. Swift also once said, “I think the perfection of love is that it’s not perfect. Meaning it’s not perfect at all. It’s eloquent and beautifully written, and it’s almost poetic. You can be in love with things other than people, and she clearly knows that but isn’t saying it.

Not age-wise, but I know myself, so why try to meet someone right now when I know I’m too young to do something serious?

Taylor Swift has been in a few infamous celebrity spats over the years, but that doesn’t mean everything you’ve read about the superstar fighting with her fellow stars is true. In fact, a lot.

All this left us wondering: We took a closer look at each former member in an attempt to analyze where she stands with Swift now. Not friends Despite an appearance at a concert at Swift’s World Tour alongside other supermodel besties like Gigi Hadid and Cara Delevingne, Jenner is not as close to Swift as fans might think. Getty Images Lorde Status: Still friends Amidst her social media hiatus, Swift dedicated one of three recent Instagram posts to Lorde, congratulating her in March when her single, “Green Light,” debuted.

In July, a Yahoo interview suggested that Lorde and Swift had fallen out based on her saying, “I don’t hang out with these people at all. Questionable For a long time, Kloss was Swift’s right-hand woman and the arguable co-captain of her squad. But lately, Kloss’s impromptu apartment visits to Swift’s downtown Manhattan loft has tremendously dwindled. The duo haven’t been photographed together since October To add more fuel to the fire, rumors flew that Swift and Kloss had a falling out when Kloss was seen partying with Kendall Jenner sister of Swift’s arch nemesis Kim Kardashian in Paris last month.

The actress even joined Swift and the rest of her squad as they made their way from award show to award show collecting trophies for the member-filled video. However, in July , fans suspected things had soured between the two. Though the actress quickly unliked the tweets, the two still haven’t been photographed together since “Bad Blood. Questionable Goulding and Swift have a long history.

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It goes without saying, but for many of us, was not the best year. While we didn’t have an election that inspired an entire season of American Horror Story, there were plenty of other terrible memories of to last us well into the new year. However, just because many people will meet the calendar flip to with a refreshed sigh you know, thanks to things like white nationalist rallies and continuing gun violence does not mean that it was an awful year for everyone on a personal level.

She released a new album , found an Ed Sheeran-approved new love , and earned a place on the cover of TIME’s “Person Of The Year” issue for her bold testimony against her convicted sexual harasser. She took to her Instagram to share her gratitude for , writing on the photo of a crowd at Jingle Bell Ball in London:

Oct 29,  · If Drake and Taylor Swift r dating, then Drake will eventually cheat & Taylor Swift’s version of Lemonade will be titled Pumpkin Spice Latte — Aaliyah (@Aaliyah_jx) October 28,

One certain member of the squad to note: A post shared by Kim Kardashian West kimkardashian on Jun 28, at 4: Their expressions throughout it all pretty much confirmed their status as squad. They looked at one another lovingly. And for a brief moment, Tay was basically one of the KarJenners. Basically, if Kanye loves you, you get a flower wall.

A Timeline of the Complicated Relationship Between Taylor Swift and Kim Kardashian West

Taylor might be looking sexy on purpose. Or she might just be trying to catch a netball Image: Cosmopolitan Get celebs updates directly to your inbox Subscribe Thank you for subscribingWe have more newsletters Show me See our privacy notice Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid Email Somewhere in between singing romantic duets with Harry Styles , going on romantic dates to the zoo with Harry Styles and being insulted by teenagers because of Harry Styles , Taylor Swift has managed to find time to have a lengthy interview with Cosmopolitan.

The website Pastas Party, which is run by the online dating agency Meetic, organizes a wide range of fun events for singles in Paris and other cities across France. Started in and still going strong, it allows people to meet through the shared love of activities like cooking, dancing, karaoke and .

Through his father, Taylor is also of partial Mexican American and Native American heritage in addition to the African American ancestry he inherited from both parents. He grew up in a primarily Crip -controlled neighborhood known as Santana Blocc, [7] although Taylor himself grew up to become a member of the Bloods through his brother. Taylor endured many hardships in his adolescence.

At the age of 7, he was placed in foster care. At 13, one of his older brothers, Jevon, was shot at a gas station and died soon thereafter. When he was 15, Taylor was removed from the foster care system and moved in with his mother, and he initially had a tumultuous relationship with her. In high school, Taylor was involved in sports including basketball and track, which his height enabled him to do so.

In , Taylor claims that he enrolled in Washington State University on a basketball scholarship and was expelled after a short time when caught with drugs in his possession. However, the university’s athletic department stated that Taylor was never enrolled in their athletic program, nor the university; the staff also refuted the drug claims.

Over the course of five months, he studied all of the various influential rap albums and developed a strategy to turn himself into a rapper. With the help of his older brother Big Fase , they founded the label. Game’s mixtape reached the hands of Sean Combs , founder of Bad Boy Records , who originally was on the verge of signing him to his label.

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Lyrics Like most of Swift’s songs, this was based on a real experience. As a teenager, she had an argument with her parents over a boy – they thought he was a creep, and Taylor thought it was love. She told 60 Minutes that he was, indeed, a creep, but she thought he was amazing at the time. The pre-chorus of the song came into her head: Taylor added that the song was met with indifference from her record company and her parents, but she fought for it, which she says was a fun experience because she had something to prove.

This could be about Swift’s relationship with Joe Jonas of the Jonas Brothers, whom she dated for much of

If there’s anyone who knows how to live the single life, it’s Taylor Swift. She’s all about confidence and sisters over misters. Here’s some of Tay’s best single girl advice.

Pop star Taylor Swift may have a red-hot career but it seems the media would rather focus on her string of famous boyfriends and her many heartbreaks. And what can the rest of us learn from her many losses in the love wars? Taylor shares something many average women face: Difficulty in finding a peer relationship. With more women in the workforce and single, childless somethings making more money than their male peers, it has become more difficult for women to meet men who can be a partner and financial peer.

If a woman subscribes to a traditional gender ideal where the man is the primary provider, those men become fewer and fewer as she rises in economic power. Reframe your idea of what a great guy is. We all know money and power are connected, so the solution for you and Taylor is to find ways a guy can feel powerful and have a voice outside of money. If her lyrics tell the story, we know Taylor Swift can spot trouble when it walks in and becomes attracted to it to the point where she keeps getting back together with it.

This is a classic pattern of one who craves intimacy but invites in the very thing she fears, that is, one who abandons her at a critical moment of need. In our culture today, our revolving door of romantic partners suggests many of us suffer from the same unstable attachment style.

Taylor Swift Gives Dating Advice to Selena Gomez

She is also known as one of the most in shape celebrities of the moment. I don’t like it. According to an April interview with Allure Magazine, she says: I can feel a change before I see it.

Taylor Swift and Harry Styles are apparently an insufferable item now, and one One Direction fan who isn’t taking the news very well is Hailie Scott Mathers, BKA Eminem’s teenage daughter.

And he seems pretty great, too. So, I figured, who better to give you dating advice than someone like Jordan, who regularly writes songs about this kind of thing? I had the chance to ask Jordan some questions for advice we could all use sometimes. Check out this dating and relationship advice from him… and then go download the album on iTunes! What is one piece of advice you would tell any young girl who is trying to get her crush to notice her? What do you think girls should do more of on first dates?

Go into things with no expectations other than to enjoy the date. Do your own thing and feel good about yourself without him. What is one thing a girl should never do when talking to a guy?

Taylor Swift’s Rules About Love: A Comprehensive List

The year-old supermodel has reportedly cancelled a promotional interview with Sunrise after they refused to agree to her terms not to ask about Taylor Swift and Donald Trump. The rumors are true Camila Cabello relies on Taylor Swift for dating advice. Camila Cabello turns to her friend Taylor Swift whenever she needs dating advice. The former Fifth Harmony star explains she prefers to talk with the Shake It Off singer about relationships because she is the most “knowledgeable” person when it comes to matters of the heart.

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Zayn Malik says Taylor Swift used to travel inside suitcase to avoid paparazzi Zayn Malik says Taylor Swift used to travel inside suitcase to avoid paparazzi Published at 9: Now, one-time collaborator Zayn Malik appears to have confirmed her covert mode of transport. Rumours about the extreme methods the singer would go to to escape the media emerged last year when photographers snapped two men carrying a large suitcase out of her apartment in Manhattan, New York.

In an interview with Vogue magazine, the year-old said Swift resorted to “travelling around in a suitcase”, speaking about her ability to avoid the paparazzi. It would not be the first time a celebrity has gone to extreme lengths to avoid being papped. Robbie Williams has spoken about how he used to carry Spice Girl Geri Halliwell now Horner out of his home in a duffel bag when they were dating back in the noughties. It has also been reported that Adele was wheeled on stage inside a box during her tour.

Malik also revealed to Vogue that he no longer considers himself a Muslim because he does not “believe any of it”. I don’t believe any of it.

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