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The original paperwork dating a John Deere tractor seldom accompanies an antique or vintage model purchased at auction or at a resale lot. Model identification can narrow the production year down to a range. However, pinpointing an exact year requires a serial number. Luckily, records exist on the beginning and ending sequential serial numbers for each production year of a given tractor style.

Individual parts bear casting numbers, but only the engine block yields the desired digits. Some tractors also carry a tractor number plate on the body. Locate the serial plate. Not all tractors have one, as some models did not come with them and some have been damaged or lost. Look on the lower edge of the tractor chassis between the grill and the driver’s side front tire. The serial number appears on a steel riveted plate. Brass plates were substituted in some rare B models from the s.


The Evolution of the John Deere Steel Plow February 22, Dating back to the beginning of civilization, farming has been a large source of food. As populations rose, the demand for these agricultural goods increased dramatically, putting a high demand on farmers producing them. As it became known tilled soil was more effective for seeding and growing, early forms of plows emerged.

In this post, we will go back in history and explore the evolution of the John Deere steel plow. Then one day, a broken steel sawmill blade gave him an opportunity. He knew that days in the field were difficult for farmers near his home in Grand Detour, Illinois, because they had to interrupt their work to clean the sticky prairie soil off of their cast-iron plows.

Jul 09,  · What you have given us are part numbers that don’t mean much unless we know the model of tractor. If you look through the pictures in the “Tractor Photos” to the left of this page there are over 25, pictures to match it to.

With a history dating back to , picking 10 significant milestones from John Deere might be called subjective and subject to differences in opinion, but this Tractor. Steel Plow John Deere was a Vermont blacksmith, who, in search of opportunity moved west. Arriving in Grand Detour, Ill. Production ramps up slowly, but by the company is manufacturing more than plows annually.

In the first year, 5, tractors are sold and the company continues sales of the model until Waterloo Boy tractors came in two variants, the Model R single-speed and Model N dual-speed, both of which started on gasoline but ran on low cost kerosene. Engine power was from a two-cylinder horizontal engine making somewhere between 12 and 24 horsepower at rpm. The Model D is powered by a 7. To start a Model D, the operator would open two decompression caps, give the tractor some throttle, then spin the flywheel until the engine started.

The Model D was an instant success, so-much-so that it would be sold until with a production total that reached , This would be the first tractor with rubber tires and adjustable wheel treads with models for orchard, industrial, and high-crop use. Early tractors had four-speed transmissions and could pull lbs at 2. Instrumentation included temperature and pressure gauges, a three-way fuel control valve, and a radiator shutter control.

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Ken broke the ground in , and son Bob followed in What started as a hobby planted each in slick color calendars honoring the finest restored tractors in the country. The Waitses, who farm 1, acres north of Rushville, proudly own a collection of 10 classic Deere tractors they have given new life. Ken’s restored Model R was featured in the John Deere company calendar in Bob and his BR appear in this year’s “Classic Farm Tractors” fourth collectors’ edition calendar.

March 14, , marks the th anniversary of John Deere tractors. Hear from employees with family ties dating back to the acquisition of the Waterloo Gasoline Engine Company.

Just click on the photos below to go to a Slide Show view of many but not all If you happen to have a decent photo or illustration of a John Deere plow model not seen here, please email and I will add it for everyones’ benefit. If you want to be positively sure of what model JD plow you have, why not search for the Part Catalog for Free! Remember that not all John Deere plows had the same type of plow bottoms. I like to use the analogy of ice cream.

Imagine the John Deere plow model as the ice cream cone and the type of plow bottom as the flavor ice cream many differenty types and sizes.

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Pneumatic tires typical air-filled tires appeared during the s. Tractors without tires were still manufactured at this time, but most were designed with tires. By the late s, tractor companies began to abandon the crude, functional look of the tractor in favor of more stylized, streamlined look. The tractors below date from the late s and early s and were designed with the stylized, streamlined look.

Page 1 of 2 – Looking for painting advice for fender deck – posted in John Deere Tractor Forum: Hi folks I have removed almost all the paint on the fender deck. The PO did a quick paint job and when I began to sand the rough spots the paint seemed gummy like it hadnt hardened properly.

No more Waterloo boy tractors are being built by John Deere but successful testing on the model “D” prototypes are over and production can now begin. The central and western plains are becoming the bread basket that is starting to produce the world’s food. More and bigger power are being required to turn the sod and plant and harvest the crops that can grow in these rich and fertile lands. The John Deere Company has built an entirely new tractor from stem to stern. A new side by side two cylinder motor is developed for this new model and the chain drive system, that is sealed and runs in oil, is a left over from the last Waterloo Boys built.

The last Waterloo Boy had a serial number of and the first production model “D” sold, started with The first 50, built in , could be exacted apart by the “ladder” side radiator and fabracated front axle. All – models had a spoked flywheel, and became known as the “spoker D’s”. The first thicker and smaller spoked flywheel model, to be the same weight, was shipped to California on October, 8, , number , to allow a PTO to be installed on the side of the transmission.

The installation of the PTO also required some modifications to the steering to accomodate this feature.

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Hefin Jones, the tractor’s owner, is about a foot taller than I am, so it suits him a little better. It just oozes quality. Josephine Roberts This Allis-Chalmers, pictured at the Llandudno Transport Festival, looks as though it is part way through being restored. Josephine Roberts Most British tractors dating from do not have power-assisted steering like this John Deere But it wasn’t the power steering that attracted Tony: It was those two whooping great cylinders!

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Trademarks The first trademark using the leaping deer was registered in , although registration papers indicated the mark had been in use for three years. John Deere was well established in Moline by this time. Obviously, there was a need for an official registered trademark. An official trademark was also the only protection against copying and deception. This trademark shows a deer bounding over a log.

The type of deer, or whether it is simply an artist representation of a deer, is unknown.

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In , John Deere produced lawn tractors with customized hoods and seats in four colors: The entire tractor, other than the hood and seat, was painted white. By , John Deere ceased making colored lawn tractors due to a lack of sales. Pinpointing the age of a vintage John Deere lawn tractor is as simple as checking its color. For traditional green and yellow tractors, determining their age takes a little investigating.

Tags may be located under the hood or along the front on older models.

John Deere tractor overview. The production of the John Deere can be broken into two broad categories; the round-fender design of to and then .

Model R Operator platform Model R Starting motor The 2 cylinder John Deere Model R shown here is an old friend of the VanNatta Family could it be an antique farm tractor which has lived with this writer literally most of this writer’s life. According to the John Deere’s history quoted below, the Model R was introduced at about 34 Horsepower in This is possible, but all the product information sheets available in the early ‘s reported it as 45 hp on the drawbar and 50 hp on the belt..

In the tractor pull contests which require ‘stock’ tractors, this brute never fails to be the winning model in its horsepower class. After all, pulling power is primarily a function of weight, and since this machine is the heaviest tractor in its horsepower class, it wins. We’ve never taken this one to a tractor pull contest but we have seen this model there.

It is no contest. In its day, it was the biggest thing on rubber tires that a farmer could buy.

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