Custom seat frames for street rods and trucks. I have not purchased from this vendor, so I cannot offer recommendations, good or bad. Golden State has worked closely with General Motors to produce many parts directly from the original tooling. I have purchased one time from this vendor brake hoses and factory manual and was satisfied with the experience. The parts were of good quality and arrived promptly. Others specifically those from ” oletrucks ” mailing list have not been so lucky. Be aware that GSPP will bill your credit card immediately even if the item is put on backorder sometimes for months. Also, know what you want because many of the sales people do not have knowlege of their products. GSPP has changed ownership since I last ordered from them.

Oil lamp

Antique lamps add Old World elegance to any home, and you can find a range of designs that never seem dated if you shop thoughtfully. An Art Deco antique oil lamp goes well in modern interiors, as many elements from this design school survive to this day in modern fixtures and add evening warmth to an otherwise cold-feeling room.

Steampunk fans find that Victorian-era antique glass lamps with their intricate design details add credibility to their interior themes.

Resource No. 41 Bendheim Restoration Glass. Bendheim is the exclusive North American importer of authentic Restoration Glass. This special mouth-blown glass exhibits the mild waviness and occasional air bubble characteristic of true antique window glass, making it ideal for historically accurate restorations and period-style reproductions.

Leuchtenbhurg China Very pretty antique child’s cup with cute graphics of a boy and girl with two animals, a sheep and goose. Marked on underside “Leuchtenburg Germany” with a graphic of a castle turret. From the style and type, we believe this to be an antique piece minimally a vintage child’s cup , likely dating to the early ‘s.

This was found out of a home. The multi-color graphics encircle about half the cup with the remainder left blank. The order on the cup shows the white sheep first, followed by the boy dressed in what may be a shepherd’s type outfit as he is carrying a curved shepherd’s staff and wearing a broad-rimmed hat, followed by a white goose, and ending with a girl in a bonnet and skirt carrying what looks like a plate or dish of bread or simple cake.

The cup has a white base coloring with pink highlighting near the rim and a bit of pink on the handle. Porcelain child’s cup was made with a slight fluting to the upper edge it is not a smooth round circular top although the form is definitely circular and raised in-mold design on the outside near the top edge in a repetitive arch form with raised dots. As made, this raised design was not evenly done around the cup with a large smooth section missing this design along the top in the area about midway from the sheep to midway of the boy.

This is not wear on the cup but a manufacturing flaw there is no wear in the paint pink coloring here. Perhaps the porcelain wasn’t fully applied in the mold or there was an error in the mold. A similar arching and dot pattern is molded in the porcelain around the base of the cup. There is also a molded raised dot pattern on the upwardly curved outer handle. We’ve provided 8 images to show the graphics and cup from multiple angles, as well as the mark on the underside.

Historical Northeast Philadelphia

First mechanized fire truck at Bustleton Firehouse in Firehouse started in and used until First equipment was horse drawn. Located west side of Bustleton Pike, north of Fulmer Street. Above is a Alco Truck.

For your consideration, a Fantastic Small Antique Stars and Hearts Kerosene/Oil Lamp! The lamp is circa The lamp is not drilled. As much as I would like to, I.

Baby Bridge is where a baby died in the car crash. It wasn’t found when the police came and the baby was left. It ended up dying. If you go across the bridge you can hear it crying. Gruenwald Historic House – On a full moon there is a lot of ghost activity here. There is a supposed haunted house. It has a partially caved in roof. Neighbors say they have heard strange hiss-like sounds coming from the house.

Me and a friend have broken into it before and we did a little research. Supposedly the house was caught on fire close to 20 years ago with the family still in it. All of them escaped except for the middle son, whom supposedly haunts the house.

Country Treasures

Okra is an “Old World” vegetable. The exact place of origin is still matter of debate. Over the centuries, many cultures have embraced okra and used it to create traditional dishes. Mediterranean and African recipes combined with tomatoes a new world fruit were created after the Columbian Exchange. Okra was introduced to the New World by African slaves.

The key components of a portable light source are: Source of power, A way to start and stop the light source, A way to convert the power into light,A way to control the light. For a flashlight these would be: Dry Cell battery, switch (aka circuit closer), lamp with a filament, reflector and/or lens. Lamps.

Trip Ideas Best Romantic Winter Getaways Choose your romantic getaway for two, from an intimate, affordable nook up in the trees to a wilderness camp at the very end of the earth. If you make a purchase using the links included, we may earn commission. Of the plus countries that Cathy Grey has visited, on every continent save Antarctica, her greatest love affair has been with a Berber village in Morocco.

Europe’s Best Winter Getaways While everyone defines romance differently, travel is a natural stimulant, and the most romantic getaways woo us with just this kind of intimate, quality time to bond and discover. This year, why not skip your usual ski resort in favor of backcountry trails past fumaroles and snow-covered birch trees in northern Japan?

For those who like it hot, there are as many ways to flee winter as to embrace it. Dinner is served by candlelight along the mighty river, one of the best white water rafting systems in Central America. Sometimes even the most active among us would rather just savor the thrill of having nothing to do and nowhere else to be but nesting together—especially when the setting is your own private treehouse or a fabulous Italian seaside villa.

On the shores of the St. Lawrence River, this room hotel unearthed more than 5, artifacts dating back to the 17th century during a recent renovation. Today hundreds of finds, from cannons to blue delft china, accent this past-meets-present property decorated with both antiques and contemporary furniture. Couples who prefer to keep to themselves can grab a kayak and set out for sites like Queulat National Park.

Paraffin in Western Cape

To purchase a product, please call or email dshay aol. Correct in all ways. The glass is really outstanding. I have tried to show how the color graduates from a little darker at the top and changes toward the bottom. Digital pictures never show the true beauty but these are not too bad.

List Yourself! in directory assistance by filling out the form with your address and phone number, then complete the automated validation phone call.

The nickel finish is in nice condition, with one small ding near oil fill opening. Standard Miller burner is threaded connection with lift gallery, solid prongs, wick raiser bar and thumb wheel move well. Signed “Miller” fill cap screws on and off fine. Has original Miller sun and moon design flame spreader.

Has new wick and includes an original removable tripod to fit a 10 inch bottom diameter glass shade. Measuring approximately 21 inches to the top of the chimney. Has ornate arms and cast base. The brass finish is in great condition. Standard Miller burner is bayonet connection with lift gallery, solid prongs. Wick raiser bar and thumb wheel move wick well. Miller “snowflake” fill cap screws on and off fine.

Exquisite Edward Miller and Company “Juno Lamp” oil pot in tall banquet lamp, manufactured around The brass finish on pot and embossed vase is in nice condition.

Aladdin Knights of the Mystic Light

I’ve got all sorts of brands and such of oil lamps and I’ve used all kinds of different oils for my lamps too. As such I believe that these little tips will be helpful across the board for all of our oil lamp users. They put out much more light than a mere candle and they tend to be more stable and safe. No problem, they will make their way into my oil lamps. Even my favorite oils will go rancid on me sometimes. I can use those too in my oil lamps, though using these alternative oils will put off an odor.

Mar 31,  · Well, The Tilley Radiator Gods have shined down upon me once again! Thanks to Tilley U.S. distributor r! The new find was discovered in an “Industrial Antique” Shop, in a small town in the U.S., called Leicester, Massachusetts.

For that illustrated background, you can see St. Boniface and His Times. Or, closer to home, visit the St. We suggest you first scroll down through the years to sample the color and character and get your bearings. You can always go back with , but don’t miss the wonderful old photos farther down! You can also jump to “chapters” of this page by clicking on one of these: Use to return here.

Angel College, gave us an indispensable overview. Your additions and corrections are welcome! This scene would be typical for early settlers leaving for Sublimity from Missouri in the s.

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American Furniture Many vintage furniture buyers opt for quality reproductions that are more affordable, and either option is fine providing that you research your subject well when identifying antique furniture. There is no exact science where antique furniture is concerned; you simply make an educated decision based on what is most important to you.

Researching and Identifying Antique Furniture Becoming knowledgeable about antique furniture takes research, even if you are focusing on only one aspect of this wide-ranging subject.

Ninety-seven percent of the 3 million-plus annual Yellowstone visitors arrive in summer, so in the off-season, couples looking for seclusion have this 2,,acre park practically to themselves.

After measuring the I-V curve from 0 to ma and ploting in Excel shows the first few points coming up from zero to be off the straight line you get afterwards, so eliminating them and plotting from to ma gives this straight line: Testing a PR4 lamp rated 2. When the voltage gets to 3. Although given for currents close to the rated current these relationships give a feel for how incandescent lamps work.

If a lamp is rated for 5 hours of life when operated at it’s rated voltage it will burn out much earlier if operated at higher voltage. For example the GE life might be described as: One factor that may have allowed a longer bulb life in the old falsh lights is the internal resistance of the battery and flash light.

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When the Tilley was found, the Tank was completely full of Kerosene. Upon inspection of the item, while taking an inventory of it’s parts and checking the function of it’s pump and valves, it was discovered, that the unit was still pressurized! A good sign, indeed! This meant all the seals were still intact and the Tank hadn’t rusted and begun to leak!

Upon further inspection though, it was noticed that the item had gotten too close to a painting project and the entire front of the Grill, the lower half, and the top rear of the Reflector, the top of the Burner and Tank also, had all been hit with overspray. Some careful paint removal would be needed, for sure!

Started January 1, The link to the previous forum is Forum MTFCA Home Classifieds Vintage Ford Magazine Posts should be related to the Model T.

Visitors can view million years of earth to see what the Denver area once looked like. These clues have revealed that over eons of time, the region has changed dramatically. The Oblong museum, completed in , preserves this little-known exploration heritage. The Illinois Oilfield Museum and Resource Center celebrates regional and state-wide oil heritage and history, as well and look toward the future interpreting state-of-the-art petroleum science education and related environmental sciences.

Oil in the Southern Illinois Oil Basin was discovered in the early 20th century — and brought great economic development to Illinois. Carmel is dedicated to preserving area history by presenting rotating exhibits about local industry — and oilfield worker families. The discovery of oil at Griffin, Indiana, in led to an oil boom at Keensburg, in southern Wabash County in It is a story of extraordinary achievements and remarkable dedication on the part of thousands of Shell people.

There is no admission charge.

How to Collect Oil Lamps : Antique Oil Lamp Collecting: Types of Lamps